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Archive 2018

Najat M. H. Mohammed, Marfoua. S. Ali, Fayrouz A. Khaled, Eman K. Saad & Safa M. Salih 1 (2018) 32-36
Correlation between Age, Sex, and Vitamin D Deficiency Among Population in El-Beyda City

January 2018 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]


Sundis A. A. Albera, Fayrouz. A. Khaled & Marfoua. S. Ali 1 (2018) 37-41
Lipid Profile of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Among Diabetic Patients in Cyrina City, Libya

January 2018 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]


Marfoua. S. Ali, Fayrouz. A. Khaled & Sundis. A.A.Albera 1 (2018) 42-45
Correlation between Age, Sex, and Level of Ferritin among Population in El-Beyda City

March 2018 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]


Zeinab, M. Gazi 1 (2018) 48-52
Sperm abnormality toxicity due to Methotrexate in albino mice

April 2018 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]


Zeinab, M. Gazi 1 (2018) 53-60
Paracetamol-Induced Nephrotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in Rats: the Protective Role of Thymus Vulgaris Aqueous Extract

May 2018 - [Abstract]  [Full-Text PDF]








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